Climate & Clothing

Baldwin after a snow and ice storm

Summers are hot and humid, with significant rainfall. The temperature may go as high as 100°F (~40 °C) in the month of June and July. Winters can be cold and snowy with average minimum temperature as -22°F (-30°C) during January.  

Please get enough clothes (everyday wear) to sustain a minimum of two weeks without putting them for laundry, since you won’t have enough time to wash your clothes every other day. Most of the laundry machines are in the apartment building and not in every apartment and are generally coin-operated, i.e you might be spending $3 every time you put your clothes for laundry (wash and dry). Some apartments offer laundry within the apartment in which case your electricity bill may go through the roof.

Since it starts getting chilly September on, try getting a couple of sweatshirts according to your sensitivity to cold. A good jacket is also advisable but do note that the winter clothes from India DO NOT withstand the harsh winters here and it is strongly advised that you buy winter clothing from here and it may cost upto a maximum of $150. You can get a couple of thermals and thick socks for the winters. You can also bring boots (such as Woodland) from India if needed. Winter clothing is available at Burlington Cloth factory which can be commuted by bus.

Also, do get a set or two of formal clothes for job interviews, since suits are pretty expensive here compared to India. ISA organizes festivals around the year. So if you would like to dress up accordingly, get traditional clothes.



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