On-Campus Jobs

Part-time jobs

Part time jobs for students are available on-campus. These openings which become available from time to time are generally posted on the UC website – www.jobs.uc.edu. Upon submitting an application and resume, you will normally have to attend an interview in case a vacant position opens. 


Assistantships are available with different department for various roles. Some of them may be posted on www.jobs.uc.edu while others are project or research or department specific for which you may get in touch with the funding source. 

TA/RA criteria varies for each department. Although everyone is technically eligible for GA and RA, one needs a 27+ score on the Speaking section of TOEFL (or the equivalent in IELTS) to be eligible for a TA. Whilst GA can be from any department, RA is can only be awarded by a Professor (usually your adviser) in a particular department. Another criteria is that a student has to be registered as a full time student (15 credits, pay approx $4200 per semester for MS) for a TA/GA. It is true for RA too, but there can be an exception if your professor is ready to pay you on an hourly basis (the pay is usually bi-weekly). Also, there is no fixed schedule on when a TA/RA shall be awarded. TA’s are decided usually at the beginning of a semester by the Department. RA’s are awarded upon the availability of funds with your adviser.

Secondly, for MEngg to MS conversion, you start paying MS fee from third semester (even though you could have converted on the first day of your first semester). Your fees gets reduced to $2200 approx if you go on reduced course load for which you should have completed all the course and research credit requirements by then (usually happens at the end of third semester). You are not eligible for TA/GA if you go on reduced course load.

International Students are not allowed to work part time for more than 20 hours a week as per current immigration rules. Do keep yourself updated regarding the immigration rules, as they keep changing from time to time. During summers, students are allowed to work for 40 hours a week on-campus.


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